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At Chestnut Health Systems, we make a positive difference in people’s lives every day! Chestnut provides primary health care, addiction treatment, mental health counseling, and credit counseling in Central and Southern Illinois and in Missouri.

Here’s what staff members say about their jobs:

“Chestnut focuses on the quality rather than the quantity of my work. Chestnut allows me to provide evidence based, holistic care within a system that supports both patients and providers. During my career that has spanned more than four decades, my patients at Chestnut have been amongst the most appreciative.”

“My colleagues do important and essential work every single day, ensuring the safety, wellbeing and recovery of our clientele. Our leadership continues to provide us clinicians with a motivating work environment and optimal conditions for personal and professional development that continue to make our work enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Here’s what our patients say about our staff:

“She is the best counselor I have ever had. Her way to counsel has helped me to change and learn to walk forward.”

“She is so sweet to our recovery court group. She shows genuine concern for all of us. We all love her.”

“She has taught me so much. She has really made me feel like there is hope and that I deserve to have hope!”

Chestnut offers opportunities for career advancement as well as generous benefits including health, vision, and dental insurance and a 401(k) retirement plan.


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