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Our construction roots in the Dakotas go back to the late 1890s when the Josiah Scull family homesteaded on the western plains of South Dakota. The family originally had traveled across the Great Plains from the Midwest, to the town of White River, SD. But before they reached their destination, they were approached to sell the building materials they were packing. Building materials were in short supply in the desolate country, and the offer was a good one. So they sold their materials, and continued on to White River.

Subsequently, the Scull’s first home in South Dakota was built mainly using local stone. It wasn’t long after settling in White River that it became apparent there was a need for putting up buildings. This led to the development of a professional craftsmanship that turned into a livelihood for Josiah. He built many buildings in the White River area, including the Methodist Church that stands proud today.

The grandson of Josiah, James Scull Jr. started Scull Construction Service in 1985 with 4 employees and a truck. A small home addition was the first project they tackled and since then, have been pushing and learning, and succeeding with grit and persistence. Small additions turned into new buildings and new challenges. Each project gave workers new knowledge and grew their skill set. A group of Superintendents grew and began to share and push each other to success.

Scull Construction Service has grown and evolved every year for 35 years to become a regional powerhouse, and a respected authority on construction. This growth has occurred while maintaining our culture of working hard, loving the outdoors, and staying down to earth. The market and our business has seen fantastic growth, and we are part of a very stable economic region. Today Scull Construction has over 200 employees and gets to build some of the area’s most premiere facilities.

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