Physicians Mutual

About Us

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company began in 1902 when Edwin E. Elliott, from his home in Omaha, Nebraska, dreamed of providing health insurance to medical professionals. He and his family worked day and night to launch our Company.

As the decades passed, we grew, guided by the integrity and sound business principles of Elliott, his son Loring, and a Board of Directors comprised of physicians and surgeons.

We began offering health insurance to Americans from all walks of life in 1962. Thousands responded. They liked the idea of a mutual insurance company, where they were more than customers. They were owners.

In 1967, we started selling insurance through a dedicated force of career agents. Then in 1970, we expanded our family by creating Physicians Life Insurance Company to provide the added security of life insurance protection.

Today, the Physicians Mutual family offers a wide variety of health and life insurance products, ranging from hospital and medical insurance policies to Medicare Supplement, from dental insurance to annuities to whole and term life insurance. And, in 2012, we entered the funeral pre-planning market to help meet the growing needs of funeral home owners and the families they serve.