Crete Carrier

About Us

At Crete Carrier, it’s not only the truck that drives us, it’s the community depending on the products we deliver. For more than 50 years, our teams have worked together to ensure your family has the essentials they need every day. We make it a priority to value hard work while fostering strong work-life balance. Opportunities to grow, mutual respect, and the ability to make a difference through leadership are part of our mission.

We wouldn’t get far without our mechanics and technicians. We need quick-thinking problem solvers who won’t take shortcuts. When it comes to our shop and mechanics team, Crete Carrier Corporation is always looking for talented individuals focused on safety and quality.

Every delivery begins with our office team. We’re managing logistics to run at optimum speed and help manage shipments from pickup to drop-off. We’re evaluating and implementing the latest technology to improve efficiency. We’ve built a team-based environment that believes in hard work, fresh thinking, problem-solving, and the continuous chance for career advancement.
Our office support team includes: Operations, Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, Safety, Sales and more.