South Sioux City Community Schools

About Us

The District Mission Statement

“The South Sioux City Community School District, in partnership with families and the community, provides a safe and supportive learning environment where each student is uniquely prepared and thrives academically, socially, and personally.”

District Vision
- A culture that embraces and leverages diversity.
- State of the art facilities and tools to enhance learning.
- Students engaged in their unique learning.
- Comprehensive stakeholder engagement.
- Guaranteed and viable curriculum.
- Teacher and student passion for learning.

Board of Education/Superintendent Goals
Facilitate open, transparent communication and engage the community.
Articulate the district vision to all stakeholders in a manner that stresses student learning and achievement expectations while including the needs of our students.
Monitor data to support growth and promote shared accountability for maximizing student achievement.

Job Opportunities


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South Sioux City-NE

Substitute Teachers

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